Lady Lions Roar!

Katie Pimentel

The iSchool’s softball team is often overlooked, underappreciated, and underfunded. Although we are not the best team, since the school spirit in this school lacks, we never really get support from our fellow iSchoolers.

I decided to take into my own hands and show the greatness of our softball team. Like, our bond, our unestablished mascot, Randall, and winning our first game of the season!


This is Randall, our mascot. He has been with the team captain, Jordan Hank, since 2016. Seeing all of their losses and wins. She found him on Randall’s Island.


We are on the bus on the way to the field.


Jordan rapping “Determinate” by Lemonade Mouth on the bus which is apart of our pre-ritual for games, which include singing along to old Disney songs.


Getting warmed up for the game!


Setting up the pitchers mat since we are playing a home game.


Taking the field in order to play.


We are on the bleachers after we won a game. 17-16 on the top of the 7th inning.


Celebrating by signing a softball used during the game. One goes to the captain, Jordan Hank, and another goes to the MVP of the game. This time it went to Lia Gordon-Greenfield.


The ball we all signed.


Celebrating our win!


The other team huddling up after.


Aissata Diallo covering her face, but she was very happy that we won.


After game selfie 🙂


We are leaving from the field, the sun shining on the East River.