Summer’s slow steps towards the iSchool

Summer's slow steps towards the iSchool

spencer sanchez-seletti

We all love summer. The humid breeze on the skin the sun is warming us up. People are in the park and everyone is outside enjoying the warm weather.

At the iSchool, that time of year is just around the corner, and people are already starting to wear shorts and t-shirts while participating in warm weather activities.

“I’m preparing to go clothes shopping with my family and be able to try new styles that are aren’t appropriate to wear in the winter unless I want to freeze,” said Nealy Simms, a freshman, on how she was getting prepared for the summer.

Summer is filled with different activities and things to do: “I have never been to summer camp, but I do travel to Nebraska and go to bible camp to spend time with my cousin who is like a best friend to me.” was considered Nealy’s perfect summer plans.

People love to go places during the warm weather, creating new memories. “I go to my house upstate in Elizaville, New York for a part of the summer. I spend time with my dog and family, and I also travel to Nebraska to go to church and spend time with my cousin, but my cousin comes here as well, ” simms said. when she was talking about what she enjoys to do during the summer. Summer is about being able to just relax and not focus on tasks like school.

“Wearing clothes for warm weather and getting tan and feeling so happy” was what Nealy felt that was the best part about summer. While it gets warm in the summer, it also gets warm towards the last months of the school year. “I find it a lot easier to focus in class when I know I will go outside at the end of the day and feel good.” said Nealy.

The summer has also been proven to increase a rise in mood due to the sun and our circadian clock knowing when the sun is out. “One study showed that individuals actually produce less serotonin ― one of the hormones that help regulate mood and contributes to our feelings of wellbeing and happiness ― in the winter months, and more when there was more sunlight.” stated in the huff post article about how weather can affect your mood.

Isadora Rayne, a freshman at the NYC school, said that during the summer she loves to“…go to my summer camp and going to the beach,” a favorite amongst people.

“Buying clothes for spring and summer and my parents paid for my summer camp. Also, my attitude changes drastically when the weather is warmer,” said Isadora While Nealy went to bible camp, Isadora said: “I travel to Costa Rica and go upstate to spend time with family.”

As Nealy liked to go to the beach, so did Isadora. “The beach and the water, I feel so amazing there.”

With two opinions from freshmen, Rachel Lieberman, a junior at the iSchool. “I’m starting to buy more summer clothes,” said Leiberman when she talked about how she’s getting prepared for the summer.

“Sleeping in and the weather” was in Lieberman’s opinion the best part about summer. When it starts to get warmer at the iSchool Rachel enjoys “Leaving office hours and it still being light outside.”

As the warm weather approaches and as iSchool students get ready, we are all on the edge of our seats to see a nice warm day after a long cold winter. Although summer is still months away, for iSchool, it’s just around the corner.