Daily life as high school girl

Photo gallery

Can Jiang, Contributor

12:30 [in front of school]
[walking down the street] @ 8:30 at night
[ in the school]@ 9:30 in the morning
[Clothing Store] @ 8:00

Artist Statement

Photography is used to capture the moment and for people to memorized it. We live our life and always pursuit the most beautiful moments. From the ancient times to now, the progress we made to improve our equipment provide a method for us to preserve the great moments in our life. Photography turn our memories to  reality — through “papers” that can be seen, be touched. Starting from this month, we began to choose the theme for our final gallery. I was wondering, but then couldn’t find a better theme except “A daily life of a high school girl”. In this gallery, I want to share the association between my daily life and my view toward this world.

The first photo took place in front of school during the personality photo activity.  After I decided the idea for my photo, I asked my partner to take a photo where I was smiling and sit on the benches in the park. It is a very natural photo and demonstrated my idea throughout the whole setting and characters in the picture. My idea for this photo is to show the connection between me and nature, my love for the plants, and my attitude toward nature. The second photo was taken by my mom when the sun is sinking to the west. I was walking on the street, watching the cars and people passing rapidly by my side, and calmly viewing this beautiful afternoon in this short moment. In my back, is a shopping mall in my neighborhood. My intention to show this setting is that the environment that I am familiar with would give people a better understanding of my life, the place where I live, and my cultural background. Another photo was taken in  class, I was sitting in my seat and typing my artist statement on the laptop. The angle of the photo is from the bottom to the top and the whole photo is focused on my face to an aspect of me during class time. The background of the photo depicts a scenario of my classmates in the school life. The different settings, and different characters make my gallery unique. The last element I included in my photo is my daily style, which was taken in a clothing store. I edited this photo as black and white. The first thing capture people’s eyes are my dressing style and appetite for clothing as it clearly shown in the picture. 

These photos relate me and my surroundings, and captured the beauty “objects” I enjoy in my daily life as a student.  I also attempted to create more styles and elements in my photo to make it more creative. Both school life and personal interest are the ideas I am trying t present in my photo gallery.