NYC facets

Ashley Santiago, Contributor

A police car parked along the streets of Lower Manhattan
The Dominick Hotel located in Soho, NY
My friend, Jasmine posing for a photo on the train. She said she was going for a 90’s vibe with the jean material, ankle socks, and the white air forces.
My classmate, Isadora aimed for a chic style with a butterfly imprinted orange sweater on the sleeves and checkered skirt. She paired this with some Jordan 4 Retros to complete the look.
My friend, Luis casually showing his Ariana Grande merchandise. His purple “Sweetener” sweatshirt goes well with his Jordan Infrared 6’s, and black ripped jeans.
My sister, Jasmine took a more fashionable approach. She styled her flared sleeve top with a red GUESS boot and purse.
A candid photo of me casually staring into the distance, with a slight smirk on my face


New York City, also known as the City that Never Sleeps, has been my home for approximately 18 years. NYC has shaped who I am today and has played a significant role in my identity. With that being said, I want to honor my city. Specifically I want to highlight NYC facets for my final project. I integrated 3 of the themes we used in class into my project; “Superheroes”, “Emotion”, and “Photojournalism”.  The 4th theme was completely up to me. Therefore, my choice as a theme was “Main Attraction” because that can easily fall under NYC facets as well. 

The first image displays a NYPD vehicle parked along the streets of Lower Manhattan. The NYPD falls under superheroes. Police officers, specifically New York officers, serve our nation and help our communities by saving those in danger. This connects back to my final theme, NYC facets because the NYPD has defined NYC for ages. They are portrayed on billboards, movies, newspapers, etc. Evidently, they affect the daily lives of New Yorkers by protecting them,

 The second image displays the Dominick Hotel. The picture was captured on the iSchool Roof located in Soho, with an angle that is facing towards the peak of the building. This hotel falls under the category of Main Attraction. When capturing a photo for  main attraction, I did not want to take the typical Times Square photograph. I wanted to take a striking photo of a NYC building, and my photo in particular fully captures the jaw dropping designs and architecture that cover the city. This connects back to my final theme, NYC facets because NYC is widely known for its buildings and the aesthetics of the city. 

After the Dominick Hotel photograph,  is a collection of 4 photos, which falls under the photojournalism category. A photojournalism captures a big idea through multiple pictures. Through these photos, I wanted to portray NYC fashion. I took these pictures in different locations including the train, at school, and at home. This connects back to my final theme, NYC facets because NYC is the fashion capital of the world. 

Finally, the last photo falls under emotion. This was a candid photo that represented my contentment at the moment. This connects back to my final theme, NYC facets because the photo captures a New Yorker (me), who is proud and satisfied with living in such a beautiful and diverse city.