Vegan coconut curry soup recipe

Loulou Westlake, Author

Being a vegan, gluten-free teenager or adult can be hard, especially when cooking isn’t a priority when it comes to time. Luckily, there are plenty of recipes out there that are time efficient and easy to make. This coconut curry soup recipe of mine is a delicious and simple take on red Thai curry and takes less than 30 minutes for preparation and cooking time. The recipe calls for 1 serving. 

For this recipe you will need 2 spring onions, half an inch of ginger, half a zucchini, a handful of green beans, a handful of baby carrots, half a cup of lite coconut milk, one tablespoon of miso paste, two tablespoons of Sriracha, a pinch of chili powder, one bunch of rice vermicelli noodles, one lime, and a handful of cilantro and basil.
Step #1: Wash all fresh produce to get rid of any dirt or bacteria that may still be on the vegetables. This step is crucial in preventing disease by washing off all the pesticides or dirt that could be on the vegetables.
Step #2: prepare all your vegetables by peeling the skin off the zucchini and cutting all vegetables into small one inch sizes. For the spring onion, however, cut the white ends of and cut into long slices.
Step #3: Begin by adding all your prepared vegetables, excluding the spring onion, into a steamer and let them steam for at least fifteen minutes. This gives you plenty of time to prepare the other parts of the recipe.
Step #4: In a small pot, let water boil before adding in the rice noodles. Once water is boiled, add in your rice noodles and allow to cook for five minutes. When cooked, add to a strainer and run it under cold water.
Step #5: Heat a large wok up to high. Add one tablespoon of olive oil and spread it around to avoid your ingredients from sticking to the wok.
Step #6: In the same wok, add in your spring onions and finely chopped ginger. Continuously stir for five minutes.
Step #7: After five minutes, the spring onions and ginger should begin softening and browning. This is when you should add in the other ingredients.
Step #8: Once the spring onion has cooked, add in your coconut milk, Sriracha, miso paste, and a pinch of chili powder. Stir repeatedly.
Step #9: After putting in the sauce, add the pre-made noodles to the wok and stir.
Step #10: Add in your steamed vegetables. Bring down your heat to medium to avoid burning the coconut milk and continue to stir.
Step #11: Lastly, bring down heat to low and add in your cilantro and basil. Stir a few times and let simmer for around five minutes.
Step #12: Add the juice on one lime to the dish before serving to balance out the flavors of spice and saltiness.
Step #13: Serve the coconut curry soup and garnish with cilantro. This recipe is filled with wonderful flavor and can be mastered in no time.
A great way to calm down the spiciness of the coconut curry soup is by making a quick and simply juice. All you need is one handful of frozen pineapple, two large oranges, juice of one lime, and one cup of water. Simply blend and enjoy.