A day in the life of Owen

Aliana M. Solorzano, Reporter

Ever wondered what a baby does during the day since they don’t go to school? Here are photos of 1 year old Owen Ferrerias and his everyday life. 

Wakey wakey!

Owen just woke up from his sleep around 9:30 a.m. and is ready to watch some episodes of his favorite show, “The Backyardigans.” Owen is still a little sleepy but tries to stay awake for some sing a long.

Time to eat breakfast!

Owen is getting hungry, so it’s time for breakfast. He eats his favorite breakfast – oatmeal with bananas and Peanut butter, YUM! Some days he eats cereal and some days he drinks milk for breakfast, but he loves his bananas!

Selfie time!

Owen loves looking at himself and loves taking selfies of himself in his cousin Aliana’s phone while they watch some more Backyardigans to let the food digest in his system. Sometimes he is so eager he runs to the living room to make sure his show is on. 

Time for a bath!

Oh how Owen loves his baths! He plays, he laughs, he looks up and all around. He officially starts out the day getting clean! He loves his bath so much that it is so hard for us to get him out. During bath time, he begins to learn the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-10 and most importantly, how to spell his and his sister’s name correctly!

Learning time!

After Owen is bathed and cleaned, he sets up his cards to learn! Even though Owen can’t speak yet, he says words like “what” or “gahhh” when we teach him new words and phrases, so he is almost getting there! Usually he learns with his cards for 30 minutes before he gets tired of it. 

Uh-oh, Owen’s doctors appointment!

Owen takes a trip to the doctor’s office to make sure that he is up to date on his shots and that he is happy and healthy and on the pace that the average baby is supposed to be at. Thankfully, everything turned out good, and Owen was happy to leave. 4

Sleepy Owen!

After the doctor’s appointment, Owen is all pooped out! He falls asleep right before he gets home, so we changed him to his sleeping clothes while he is asleep. Owen was tired today; therefore, he took an extra half an hour of sleep. When he wakes up, Owen will have a nice photoshoot time!

Smile for the camera Owen!

Owen is celebrating his sister’s 4 month birthday, and they have a mini photoshoot! Owen is not used to his baby sister and doesn’t really know how to act towards her, so he just stares at her.

Lunch time!

After all those activities, Owen is getting hungry! We have been teaching Owen how to grab the spoon himself and learn how to feed himself. He knows how to grab the spoon but ends up spilling all of the food all over the place.

Play time with Owen!

After all that food, Owen is energetic and ready to play with his toys! We tell him, “Owen go get the ball,” and he runs to where we store the balls, comes back and throws it at one of us! He loves to play with his soccer ball and most importantly loves throwing it, and we are currently teaching him how to catch it too. 


Owen’s favorite activity!

Oh how Owen loves his bicycle!! He can’t petal yet so his cousin Aliana pushes it around the house and cannot stop laughing ! it is also a great exercise for Aliana running around the house. He loves it so much that when it is over he gets very sad.

Owen’s feeling kind of snacky!

After all that laughing and playing, Owen settles down for a little snack, which usually consists of crackers or organic healthy chips! He loves his chips! He watches a few episodes of “Baby Shark” while eating his snack.

Uh-oh ! Owen forgot to check his phone today!

Owen is very famous, and when he forgets to check his phone a lot of people text him, and it is hard for him to keep up with all of these people in his contacts. 

Owen gets a funny message!

LOL! Owen gets a funny message from one of his friends and cannot stop laughing! He stares at his phone for about 15 minutes before getting tired of it and wanting to watch more television.

More TV time!

Oh how Owen loves his television! He watches some more television as he begins to wind down for sleeping time! But don’t worry guys, there are still a few more steps to Owen’s day!

Owen’s last meal of the day!
Dinner time!  Owen’s favorite meals of the day vary from mashed potatoes, rice and beans, or lasagna. The food is not too heavy so that he won’t be too full before going to sleep.

Relaxing Toy Before Bed!
This is Owen’s relaxing toy that he plays with every night before going to bed. This calms him after an excited yet energetic day! Owen knows that when he plays with this toy, it is time for bed. 

Brushing Owen’s Teeth

In order for Owen to be healthy and clean, he needs to brush his tiny teeth before going to bed. This helps him get rid of any germs he has and so that his teeth can be white. 

Drinking milk!

Owen drinks milk to make him tired and sleepy, and while he drinks his milk, we wipe him and put his pj’s on so he is all ready for bed and can fall asleep easily and comfortably.

Finally fast asleep!!!
After a long day of day of playing, eating, learning and bathing Owen is all tired out! Long day of exciting activities and lots of fun ! See you tomorrow, signing off, Owen!