What are students wearing at the iSchool?

Jenny Lee, Reporter

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends in the 21st century is significant to many Generation Z’s. Each and every person has a different kind of style. Fashion reflects different cultures around the world, and it is changing fast. The NYC iSchool is known for their sensational and divergent creativity, especially among the students. Each individual student expresses themselves with the outfits they wear to school on a day to day basis. These outfits are not ordinary; in fact, they are all very different. Below are pictures of different iSchool students (assorted by grade level) who all have very different outfits that are unique to themselves.

Eliza Taub, a freshman, describes her style has simple and basic. Her style is laid back and adorable. She is wearing a leopard headband, a white shirt with ruffles, and ripped jeans with stars along the seam. Her shoes are Airforce 1’s.
Nia Hurley, a freshman, decided to look like a country singer. Her style varies all the time. She is wearing a tank top with fringes at the bottom. Her pants are skinny at the top and flare out at the bottom. Paired with her outfit are cute brown cowboy boots. She loves to thrift her clothes and wear different types of aesthetics everyday.
Nina Rivas, a freshman, describes her outfit as comfortable and very late 1990’s. She is wearing a large grey hoodie and denim jeans from Brandy Melville. Her shoes are the classic black Chuck Taylor All Star Converse.
Lutece Guillemot, a sophomore, woke up feeling a little 90s and color coordinated her outfit. She is wearing a red bandana, red shirt, and layered over her red shirt is a hoodie that she thrifted from The Salvation Army. The brand is DC shoes. She also wears a pair of White Cement Jordan 5s. She is very much inspired by styles back in the 1990s-2000s.
Yeramis Subera, a sophomore, color coordinated her outfit. She is wearing a neon yellow beanie, a blue hoodie, and blue vans. Her style is colorful and comfortable. She is inspired by the looks on Instagram and thrifts most of her clothes.
Sophomore Eric Garcia wore a color coordinating outfit. He has on a red Tweety beanie, a Champion sweatshirt, and Converse One Stars. The denim jacket he has on is thrifted and very ‘90s. His style is mixed in with skater boy and comfort.
Ezra Gold, a sophomore, considers his style as a little hypebeast, street, and skater. He is wearing a black beanie from Carhartt, a green Igor hoodie from Tyler the Creator’s merchandise line, a purple long sleeve, and green Nike Air Jordan 1’s. He felt the need to color coordinate his outfit.
Nate Buckley, a sophomore, loves being comfortable but also wears the latest brands like VFiles x Champion. His white Air Forces are the perfect crown for this solid colored outfit. He goes for a classy fit while still being comfortable and casual.
Solomon Yentis, a sophomore, describes his style as appropriate, yet casual. He is wearing a grey hoodie from Champion, as well as loose jeans and a belt from Michael Kors. His shoes top it off with bright floral print from the women’s section at the Nike store.
Violet Lane, a sophomore, considers her style to be modern and very up to date but also old fashioned. She loves shopping at thrift stores and Brandy Melville because of the different assorted styles they carry. Violet is wearing a navy blue hoodie with navy jeans that flare at the bottom. Her shoes are from Nike.
Georgia Mulligan is a sophomore. She thrifts most of her clothing from different stores in the borough. Her outfit of the day is a cropped hoodie from Goldie and a pair of thrifted jeans. She customized her jeans by painting on them. Along with that, she is wearing the classic Dr. Martens 1460.
Ruby Germack, a sophomore, went with a casual and simple look. She chose a light colored outfit and color coordinated it with her shoes. She is wearing a white long sleeve shirt and grey leggings topped off with white shoes. “I like to keep it comfortable when I am at school,” she says.
Dayzanae Sample, a junior, likes to wear colorful colors. She is wearing a yellow off the shoulder top with black stretchy jeans. Her shoes are yellow checkered vans.
LouLou, a senior, is very much inspired by Instagram. She thrifts most of her clothes because she does not enjoy supporting large corporations and would much rather buy second hand clothing. She is wearing a cute striped hoodie with a white tank top. Her jeans are flared and her boots are black.
Samantha Ramos, a senior, enjoys wearing vintage clothing that stem from the ‘90s. She considers her style as semi “streetwear” and vintage. She is wearing a snazzy black tank top, layered with an off the shoulder red windbreaker. Her jeans are black and her shoes are from Nike. She is very much inspired by the outfits that she sees on her Instagram page.