Skyline in NYC

Nina Rivas

As New Yorkers, we have the privilege of being able to see the NYC skyline everyday. Each part of the city, including each borough, has different and unique views. In the morning on our way to school/work, at lunch, and on our way home, we get to see beautiful skylines. During each season, the sky changes and evolves differently. From views outside the widow on the subway, to skyscrapers and blue skies, New Yorkers get to see so many amazing views each day.

Skyline in Cobble Hill Brooklyn on Smith Street during a sunset.
Photo taken in Brooklyn on Smith St. and Atlantic Ave. on a rainy day, during the night time.
Skyline and buildings early in the morning in Cobble Hill Brooklyn on Warren St.
Skyline during a sunrise in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, on Warren Street early in the morning.
Skyline on 3rd Ave near the Barclays Center in Brooklyn during the day time.
Smith street skyline in Cobble Hill Brooklyn early in the morning.
Sunrise in Cobble Hill Brooklyn, on Congress St early in the morning.
View of Brooklyn skyline from the window of an apartment, just before sunset.
Skyline on Smith Street, in Brooklyn on a rainy night.
View of the Manhattan skyline from a subway station in Brooklyn, during the day time.
View of The World Trade Center and Manhattan skyline, from Columbia Street, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
View from the iNews newsroom at the iSchool in Soho during the day time.
Skyline in Soho right outside the NYC iSchool early in the morning.
View from NYC iSchool classroom in Soho on a cloudy and rainy day.
Subway train tracks and sunrise from the window of a train in Queens during the winter.