iCare reveals its winning photo submission


Zach Kaplan, iNews editor-in-chief

When Rachel Silverman, a junior, spotted this homeless man sitting in a Central Park tunnel, she knew she captured a moment.

I thought, not many people think about the underprivileged in New York, especially when it’s getting cold,” said Silverman, who has found herself becoming more interested in photography during the pandemic. 

This week, Silverman’s photo won iCare’s November photo contest. This month’s theme: “It’s Getting Dark.” 

Ms. Colon, iCare’s faculty advisor, says that she felt Silverman’s photo was compelling because it was visually interesting, in part because of its familiarity. 

“When you look more closely, you realize it is a tunnel in Central Park which is such a familiar landmark in New York City,” she says. 

Colon said the photo raised a few questions for her, such as is this person an artist in need of a break? Is this person waiting for someone?

The contest was also widely viewed, with 155 people from the iSchool community chiming in on which photo they thought was the best. 

This photo contest is the first of many for iCare, which have already established their themes from November through June, according to Ms. Colon. 

When asked about next month’s theme, Ms. Colon said NYC iSchool students can expect to see topical photos that have a December theme.

We’re hoping for some snowy holiday photos of NYC to keep us going through the pandemic.

“We are trying to keep our school connected and thought this competition can easily be run whether we are physically in the building or not,” Colon added.