The quiet times during a pandemic

Emma Lawrence, Reporter

This photo essay is a documentation of life during quarantine. No one anticipated the global pandemic which changed all of our lives around the world. Many people  lost jobs and family members, students began to struggle with school, and doctors/frontline workers were put right into the action of saving those affected by Covid-19. This pandemic left many places empty and quiet all around the U.S. People learned to appreciate the silence that would have never happened if it wasn’t for the virus. This period of time will go down in history and should be documented as such through pictures of the chilling silence.

A picture of the great outdoors around 6:30 a.m in northeastern Pennsylvania. This picture documents quiet mornings in the wilderness and the relaxing auras that are radiated.
A drive around sunset during quarantine with little to no other cars on the road. This picture was taken on a car ride heading towards Pennsylvania.
A beautiful sunset across the horizon in rural Pennsylvania, marking an end to another day during quarantine.
A picture of sunset during the quiet times of quarantine. The steam comes from the mix of the snow with the heat from the air.
A quiet waterfall in Pennsylvania with no other people around it. It’s silent, all you can hear is the sounds of birds chirping and water flowing.
A backyard in Pennsylvania filled with bright, healthy, green trees. The sun in the background beaming down for the perfect spring day.
Ice on the river across right on the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border. Its quiet on the river, no boats or people on it. It radiates a peaceful aura.
A picture of an empty highway in Pennsylvania during a cold winter. Dark gray clouds begin to prepare for a snow storm. It’s quiet and peaceful.