iSchool Lions’ offensive system

iSchool Lions offensive system

Jeremy Welsh-El, Reporter

The triangle offense is when a player goes one on one to score, but unfortunately the offense does not produce high quality shots. This means that the team will miss a lot of shots, so they are not scoring and playing defensively.

“We’re unorganized and in the division you can’t be unorganized on the defensive end,” said sophomore Derek Rodriguez.

The iSchool Lions have to establish an identity on both ends of the court. Changing the offensive and the defensive strategy will help strengthen their identity.

“The team needs to run pick and roll the entire game and the offense would create mismatches that will led to open 3-pointers,” said sophomore Kenneth Guerrero.

The iSchool Lions should try to feature running high pick and rolls more often.

Below, we take a look at how players hope coach Alex Mantay plans to shape the team’s system.

“If we can run pick and rolls and we can get five, six easy buckets a game just by pushing the ball, that’s a big advantage.That’s what us players are hoping to do,” said sophomore Colin Howell.

Players hope that being a bit more aggressive in transition can generate uncontested, easy looks.

The players on the team seem like they want to score easy points rather than work twice as hard.