1918 vs 2020 Pandemic

Ismail Hajdinagic, Student

When it came to developing the senior project and the way it turn out over all I am proud of the way both the drawing and colors came together in the end as well as the circle-like design I use to respent time. But when it comes to the research and writhing for the project it was hard but it bring the information I need to accurately represent both of the time periods I wanted to cover and I feel without it my project would haven’t turn out so well as it did. The research didn’t end there for me I decide to do a little more research on the topic for the design I want to go with for the drawing for one the design of the outfit both the 1918 and the 2020 masked person clothing for their respected periods. Then I had to look up the testing site for both time period as well as the president of both time periods and located the simliars in both of the president in their purpose and ideals for america during their run. And then there was the amount of  mistake I made during the process of drawing the project and how stressful it was for me and the number of times I had to start from the beginning but at the same time learning new skills from my experience from the project that I start using in my own personal drawing so in general it was a doudle edge sword when it came to both the good and the bad of the experience doing the project as well as a lesson I can use later in my life. I wasn’t alone when it came to making and developing this project I got the support from my parents as well as artist advance from my little sister how do simliar types of painting and posters which inpirsed me to do from my project. I feel without them my project won’t have turnout so great as it did and I am thankful for their help from begin to end. Also the image of famous posters and painting helped storm up the type of design, theme, and mood that I wanted to express in my senior project. Overall I am very happy with the outcome of how my project turned out in the end and if you ask me what one thing I would have change or done differently I would have told you nothing at all except for the design of the 1918 label to a less bulky and more cursive design other then that I’ll keep it just the way it is.