What If Walter White didn’t die?


Saadman Nur, iNews class reporter

“Breaking Bad” is one of the all-time best television shows. The transformation of Walter White from Chemistry teacher to meth kingpin is one of television’s most iconic character arcs. After five fantastic seasons, Breaking Bad came to a close with what many perceived to be a “hurried conclusion for the sake of concluding the series.”

To summarize, Walter’s drug trafficking identity was uncovered by his DEA brother-in-law Hank, which ultimately resulted in Hank’s death at the hands of Jack and his Neo-Nazis, a group of meth-making white supremacists who also seized and kept Jesse hostage. Walter also had lung cancer, which cut his life expectancy in half for six to eight months. That ticking clock on his life motivated him to take numerous actions in the finale to right any wrongs committed prior to his demise.

Walt sat out because he was approaching a deadline in his life and wanted to make any mistakes right in the closing minutes of his life. This included safeguarding the 520k he had set aside for Walter Jr. and ensuring that it could not be traced back to him. His next goal is to avenge his brother-in-law by assassinating the Neo-Nazi and their contractor-lady, Margret, putting an end to their meth empire.

Mrtrenrs on Reddit created a community post inquiring whether or not other Breaking Bad viewers believed Walt truly died. While some first ignored his assertions, saying that the author had confirmed Walt’s death, others believe the author felt obligated to let Walt die in order to conclude the narrative.

According to “suspended user,” on Reddit, Walt died from a bullet, and fans feared that it wasn’t enough to kill him. “Location, blood loss, and the speed with which the patient is transported to a hospital are three factors that experts believe affect a person’s chances of surviving a gunshot wound.” Let’s look at some more evidence that may lead to the conclusion that Walt survived.

Walt was assassinated in the story by a Cadillac Deville with an automatic machine gun (m60) concealed in its trunk. Based on the image, we may estimate the car’s height to be 56.7 inches. Additionally, we can see that the trunk is 42.5 inches, or just over one meter, above the ground. We’ll round up the firing angle to 39 inches because the m60 shoots somewhat lower than the precise height of the trunk.

Walt installed the m60 to his trunk and constructed a remote control to automatically shoot and rotate after it was activated, Walt met up with Margret in a coffee shop to poison her with a cup of coffee with ricin. As to deal with the Neo-Nazi, the plan was to meet up at Jack’s bunker and setting off the m60.

When the m60 started its demolition, Walt was on the ground stacked on top of Jessy, Walt has approximately 9 inches of with so Jessy and Walt on top of each other would be about 18 inches which still isn’t close the the m60 firing angle that is 39-40 in above the ground.








Assume that no whole bullet entered his body. Walt’s bleeding was most likely caused by shrapnel or a broken fragment of a bullet entering from his side. A gunshot wound to the front region of the torso, striking several main blood arteries, poses the most threat. If this were the case, Walter would have collapsed and bled to death almost immediately, which does not appear to be the case. The primary issue with stomach wounds is not bleeding, but infection.

The survival percentage for individuals who had no important organs damaged was 88.3%.” After some research I found that this study was conducted somewhere around the 19th century and medical technology has only improved since then considering the story takes place in New Mexico, Albuquerque, in 2008. Walter would have a real chance at survival.

Albuquerque Police Department policy is to ensure that medical care is provided to arrested intoxicated persons. If Walt was way out in a Mexican desert this would be an open and shut case. He would just bleed out and die, but in the final shot shows a unit of police officers descending on him almost immediately after he collapses. 

The series has never given us a location for the neo-nazi de Kamp. We’re close to civilization based on the length of that last scene, it took 10 minutes for the cops to arrive at the location. There’s a high probability that Walt got medical attention within 20 minutes from the time he was shot. 

If Walter White survived the shooting at the Nazi compound, Walter would have been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder (the neo-nazies). Charges stemming from the assassination of two federal officers (Hank and Gomez). Charges stem from his claimed role in Gus Fring’s, Hector Salamanca’s, and Fring’s bodyguard’s killings. Because he utilized a bomb, those accusations may have been escalated to terrorism. Charges stemming from the shooting death of a little boy during a train heist. Charges relating to methamphetamine production, distribution, and sale. Charges related to money laundering Income tax-related. Charges of Illegal possession of a Class III firearm, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. 


Frankly, it would have taken years to assemble a case against Walter White, and he almost certainly would have died before any trial would have begun due to his cancer. If he had lived, it is difficult to see how he would have avoided the death penalty for his actions.