Untitled Story

Georgia Badonsky, Author

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Stealing isn’t always fun but it is a living, and besides what I do isn’t exactly stealing. People just forget they give me things and I simply take advantage of those small lapses in memory. Officially it’s not even stealing, it’s a series of mistakes on the clerks’ part. They simply forget that they placed a fifteen thousand dollar watch on my wrist when they shift focus to another customer. Allowing me to make a smooth getaway with a shiny new accessory. I then slip the item into the small pocket in the lining of my coat and continue on my way. 


Through these happy little accidents I’ve gained 4 sets of earrings, a watch and 8 rings for my own collection. In addition, I’ve also padded my wallet with at least sixty thousand in sales. I make it a personal rule to never keep anything for myself that is worth over ten thousand dollars. This way I minimize the risk of being caught with more than I can handle, not that I ever will be caught. I’ve had the pigs in my building searching before, they just never got the right apartment, not that they will ever admit it. Whenever I step out of my home I adopt one of my neighbors’ names. One day I’m Mrs.Green, a young mother of twins with a husband who just landed a fancy , high-paying bank management position in the big city. Another day I’m Ms.Vonbulten the heiress of a sizable wool manufacturing company who spends money for fun. I adopt other people’s names and lives if only for a few hours, creating new mannerisms along the way to really transform. Because of my ingenuity I have become untraceable, uncatchable and through this I have found my purpose in life. 


But as of late I’ve noticed that the characters have grown stale and the pilfering isn’t as fun as it used to be. Everything has grown dull and grey and I can’t take it anymore. I suppose a new change of pace is needed, but what that change is I haven’t a clue. I decided to set out on a walk to clear my head. Maybe an idea would be prompted by nature to come to me. It was cool out but tolerable, and the walking invigorated my spirits much faster than I anticipated. I sped up my pace and headed towards my favorite cafe. They always had the most interesting foreign magazines and catalogs. I ducked my head into my fur collar as the wind picked up and I regretted not choosing a longer walking coat. 


I must not have been watching my step because I accidentally bumped into a middle aged balding man as he tried to wave down a taxi. Instinctively I apologized and helped pick up a few things before slipping away with the fat man’s even fatter wallet. I went through its contents while I walked, combing through cash and slips of paper before stopping at a green piece of card-stock. It must have been fate that caused the collision because in my hand I held a return ticket to London. I could hear my heart pounding loud in my chest and I began to shake with excitement. This piece of paper would unlock a novel chapter for me, a new way to test my skills and I was not about to let it slip past me.