A Bouquet of Love

A collection of poems and short stories describing different versions of love


Sola Horsley

Purple Rose

It was just a glance, just a small seed of curiosity that made me look your way. When you caught my eye in that fraction of a moment, you smiled this big wide smile that made my heart hurt with warmth. I think I fell a bit in love with you at that very moment. I looked away before my heart could explode, it was running at a hundred miles per minute, and I needed to get rid of the flush in my cheeks. I didn’t even know your name, yet you still took my breath away. I tried to stop thinking about that smile, tried to forget the girl who looked like the sun embodied. It mostly worked except at the back of my mind I couldn’t forget you. I was in a rush when I met you again.  I wasn’t looking where I was going, so we bumped into each other, and I spilled my books on the floor. It was a cliche moment straight from a rom-com, but it was perfect. You smiled that bright smile, but this time I couldn’t look away. You took my hand, and I could never let it go. I haven’t let go of your hand since that day, we’ve been together for two years now it’s been two years since the girl that looked like the moon took the hand of the sun personified in a girl and never let go.



In the morning light 

The kitchen rings with laughter 

Warmth seeps through the cracks 


In the dark of night 

Kids fall asleep to loving eyes 

Lullabies drift tonight  


Morning Glory

I don’t know when everything went wrong. When the laughs became screams, when the warmth of your embrace became an arctic glacier, when the jokes became silent tears in the night. From the moment we met, I thought we’d be forever. We weren’t, though. We fell apart like a house of cards. We tried to build it back up but it kept falling apart no matter what. Our love wasn’t meant to last. It wasn’t meant to be forever no matter how much I wished it was, it was built on a spark that we thought we could make into a flame, but it never did. It left just as it came, leaving remnants of cold embers in its wake. I’d keep you in my heart forever but you weren’t made to stay, and I wasn’t made to wait. So even if we fell apart on an unsteady foundation you’ll find someone who’ll wait, and I’ll find someone who’ll stay. 



I met you the day the flowers bloom

Your smile was as bright as the morning sun

I never thought you’d be my doom

But what I had can never be undone 

I fell into love’s abyss for you 

But in your heart there was another 

I never had a clue 

That you would pick another rather 

I thought we would be together 

I gave you my heart- was that not enough for you? 

You blew me off into the nether 

Taking my heart with you when you flew 

Why did you choose him instead of me? 

I’m trapped in this love so why are you so free



She had green earrings that caught in the light, they matched her moss green eyes that would light up when she was happy. She was beautiful with her warm eyes and kind smiles. He was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. But smiles held secrets behind them. She was wilting like a flower in winter; she never told anyone, perhaps it was her way of being kind. But with her misguided judgment, she was cruel in the way she didn’t let them say goodbye. She didn’t let them be there in her final moments because no one knew. Now we’re left to pick up the pieces of her life. Tears fall to the ground, he never got to say I love you.