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Death of a teenager

Micah Gomez

November 8, 2019

A short play by Oscar Fabricant   [New York City. A blindingly pink bedroom, covered in posters of various singers and mirrors and makeup. A blonde girl rises out of the bed in the corner]   Alice: Behold!...

Odd bowl of chicken soup

Victoria Kapusta

March 25, 2019

Characters JOHN MARGO TYLER Setting Family’s dining room, Tyler’s bedroom, backyard   [Angie, Tyler and John are sitting by the dining table. Margo lightly taps her spoon against the edge of her bowl] ...


Margareta Stern

March 25, 2019

ABBIE GREEN is sitting on a couch lined with pillows. The room she is in is plain with abstract black and white paintings hanging from the wall. MARTHA THOMPSON is seated across from her in a red chair; the only pop of color i...


Maia Turman Cooke

March 18, 2019

CHARACTERS Sebastian (Bash) Becker Lucas (Luke) Mercer   SETTING Thick grassy area [The afternoon after LUCAS and SEBASTIAN had gotten intoxicated the night before.]   SEBASTIAN: Yo, Luke. Wake up bro. S--t I don’t ...

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