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Love-hate relationship with my pants

When you ask your mom to buy you a new pair of pants, and you already spent an hour trying them on.

Anabelle Gonzalez, Reporter

March 31, 2017

You’re in the store trying on jeans. You’ve been in the store for an hour trying to find the perfect pair. Every one you’ve put on has - made your butt look flat, and some are too tight or too baggy. Then, once you find a pair that fits you flawlessly, fast forward to the next day, and you're wearing...

Fighting for women’s equality on Wall Street

Businesswomen in Wall Street fighting the male dominated system. Photo credit: Huffington Post

Jayvin Espinal

March 29, 2017

New York City is such a diverse place when it comes to its culture, race and art. Many artists see NYC as a canvas to paint upon leaving commemorated works of power, unity, and love like subway paintings and the infamous Girl and the Bull. The artist of the statue, Kristen Visbal, made it to repr...

Luckily there’s a Family Guy!

Peter, Lois, Meg, Stewie, Chris & Brian Griffin are the focal point behind the pure gold that is Family Guy!

Kamil Kuzminski, Reporter

March 27, 2017

Comedy - professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh. A rare breed in the pack that makes life worth living. From stand-up to memes, comedy offers a wide-range of humor from chuckles to balloon-bursting laughter. For Family Guy, this is ea...

Cop to lawyer: “License and registration”

Lawyer/Uber driver was pulled over and was restricted from recording the police due to a new supposed law.

Alen Neljkovic, Reporter

March 27, 2017

Police pulled over a North Carolina lawyer and a part-time Uber driver for driving a man to a drug house on Sunday, February 26th, so he picked up his phone and started recording, an officer told him to stop recording since it’s supposedly against the law. Jesse Bright, a lawyer and part-time Uber dr...

Slaves are now immigrants?

Ben Carson participating in a press conference on Sunday, February 26th regarding his view on America being the land of opportunity.

Alen Neljkovic, Reporter

March 27, 2017

Ben Carson, Secretary of Urban Development and Housing, had a meeting on Monday, March 6 where he referred to slaves as immigrants. Many critics have commented on his remarks on social media platforms like Twitter. There has been so much controversy because he compared slaves and immigrants. Peo...

Too tardy or too early?

Photo obtained from the entrance of the iSchool as Hailey swipes her ID at the entrance right on time at around 8:40 on a Wednesday morning.

Daniela Lopez, Copy Editor

March 23, 2017

Classes at LaGuardia High School start at 8:00 a.m. Bronx Science starts at 8:05. Stuyvesant starts at 8:00 a.m. Even though the NYC iSchool starts at 8:59, some students still arrive late to school. Like many other students, the iSchool students have situations in which they arrive tardy to school due...

Lockers for the iSchool?

Photo obtained from iSchool hallway on the fourth floor during module when students were in class.

Alliyah Logan and Daniela Lopez

March 23, 2017

It’s 8:59 a.m. at the iSchool, and students are rushing to arrive to class on time while clinging onto their book bags, jackets and belongings with just one minute till class starts. Some students may have come to school early while others arrive late to class. Luckily, they do not have to be even mor...

Workload affecting teen sleep patterns

“The most recent national poll shows that more than 87 percent of U.S. high school students get far less than the recommended eight to 10 hours of sleep each night.”
Christopher Silas Neal

Anabelle Gonzalez, Reporter

March 23, 2017

You end up getting home at 8:oo p.m. and still have to do the load of homework you got for that day along with missing assignments. You find yourself dozing off in the middle of your math homework. Eventually, you go to sleep at almost midnight, and before you know it  your alarm clock rings “BEEP BEEP BEEP...

Are phones a distraction in class?

Photograph obtained from iSchool. Cade Smith left, and Kamil Kuzminski are in class doing work.

Alliyah Logan, Section Editor

March 23, 2017

You walk into class and you’re 1 minute early so you take out all of your supplies. You notice the teacher isn't fully prepared yet so you take out your phone for a quick second and check your text messages. 5 minutes later, the teacher eventually calls your name and you're astonished to realiz...

Are video games becoming too realistic?

January 22, 2017

Video games are reaching a new era as advanced technology has allowed them to become increasingly realistic. However, are video games becoming too realistic, or is it alright? Here, we explore a few games with graphics so realistic that it is genuinely hard to differentiate what’s real and what isn’t,...

Should test prep for the SAT/ACT be offered at the iSchool?

Some libraries in New York offer tutoring sessions after-school for the SAT/ACT

Gabriella Sosa Medina and Sabiq Kennedy

January 22, 2017

Gabriella Sosa Medina, better known as Sy, is a junior at the iSchool who, like many other juniors, has been stressing over the SATs for a long time. When she found out that the iSchool was offering a discounted test prep course to students, she quickly checked out the offer in hopes of being able to...

Artificial intelligence: Are they becoming too intelligent?

That's right: It's a barrel with legs. For laughs, players can download a mod to give NPC's (and themselves) a new player model.

Gabriella Sosa Medina, Section Editor

January 20, 2017

Many have played games where NPCs are the most memorable, whether they are astonishingly intelligent of outright hilarious. For example, League of Legends released a mode nicknamed “Doom Bots” that features AI that seem to be hacking; they dodge your attacks, plan your movements, and at times,...

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