Excerpt from “Wait until I’m back”

They sat and talked for hours, about school, their life before highschool, and their families.

“I don’t know why but I feel like I can trust you, even though we just met.” Dylan said, hoping Fiona felt the same way.

“Me too” Fiona says.

This was the moment Dylan realized she had a new best friend. It was different than with her friends from middle school, she never felt like she related to them, and even after spending so much time with them, she never felt as comfortable as she did with Fiona. 

“I should probably go, it’s getting late and my mom is going to worry.”

“Aww ok, well I’ll see you tomorrow in school then!” Said Fiona.

“Yeah! And thanks for having me over, I had a lot of fun.” Dylan says.

Dylan walked back home, smiling to herself thinking about all of Fiona’s jokes. 


“Where were you?” Asks Dylan’s Mom. 

“I made a new friend,” Dylan smiled.

“Oh, well what’s her name?”


“Ok well just tell me next time before you leave.”

“Sorry!” Replied Dylan as she walked to her room. 

She didn’t really talk to her family as much as Fiona did. It almost seemed like Fiona’s family wanted to know more about Dylan than her own family.