Ruby Germack

The iSchool is a very diverse school community. Some who have never heard of our school often get the i mixed up with eye. Here are a few students at the eye-school.

Roxy Boitel, a freshman at the NYC iSchool, has brown eyes
These greenish-grayish-blue eyes belong to freshman Sophie Kelleher
Joseph Cabeza is a student at the NYC iSchool; he has brown eyes. 
Piper Demartino, a freshman, has big greenish eyes.
Brown eyed Isannah Marley, is a freshman
Freshman Ezra Gold shows off his brown eyes. 
Tobie Kiser, a sophomore, has honey brown eyes.
Sofia Rinaldi, a freshman shows her brown eyes.
Josephine, a freshman shows her large green eyes.
Freshman Julian Lai puts his brown eyes on display
Cameron Prince, a Senior at the NYC ischool, flashes his brown eyes.
Anna Lieb, a sophomore shows off her hazel eyes.
Evan Haddican, who has brown eyes, is a sophomore at the NYC iSchool
Freshman Julian Vasquez shows off his brown eyes
Jeffrey Lesnik, a sophomore displays his brown eyes.
Joao Ferrite, a student at the NYC iSchool shows his big green eyes.