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Kart up to the brand new Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark today!

Kart up to the brand new Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark today!

Zach Kaplan, iNews reporter

May 8, 2019

New York’s largest indoor waterpark is now open for business. The Kartrite Resort and Indoor Waterpark, located in Monticello, NY, just had its grand opening on April 25, housing a massive indoor resort with bowling, an arcade, a zip line/ropes course, a variety of restaurants and a plethora of ki...

Summer’s slow steps towards the iSchool

Summer's slow steps towards the iSchool

spencer sanchez-seletti

April 5, 2019

We all love summer. The humid breeze on the skin the sun is warming us up. People are in the park and everyone is outside enjoying the warm weather. At the iSchool, that time of year is just around the corner, and people are already starting to wear shorts and t-shirts while participating in warm weath...

Clubs at the iSchool

Photo of the NYC iSchool building

Charlotte Haggerty

April 5, 2019

It’s last period and you have been looking forward to this all day. You survived seven hours of school and are now walking into a classroom that is surrounded by a community of your peers. Clubs are a staple of the iSchool community, but what makes are our clubs so special? These programs can act as a s...

Time of day

Time of day

April 5, 2019

I live in a 33 story apartment with a pretty nice view of Manhattan from my window. I took all of my photos from my room to show the time of day at different times. I wanted to show the beauty of the sky, even though it is in one particular spot. This can show you that beauty is surrounding you even...

You should put this on your watch list

A scene from the movie.

Adjo Adjegan, Reporter

April 4, 2019

The man’s attire is filthy; his once white robe has turned a shade of grey; he has a fresh bruise just below his left eye and is smiling madly with a few teeth missing as he pedals away on an old, rusty bicycle with a young girl who happens to be immortal. As the man pedals away, he no longer has a j...

Colorism in the media

Colorism in the media

Aniya Greene

April 4, 2019

The latest breakthrough of representation regarding people of color on screen has prompted an often disregarded conversation about prejudice involving colorism, which focuses on shade of one’s skin, rather than the color. It has proven to be an issue for black women, specifically. During an epi...

“On My Block:” Yay or nay?

“On My Block:” Yay or nay?

Lila Borges

April 4, 2019

2018’s hit show  “On My Block” has taken over as Netflix’s most watched show in that year.  From Season 1, many fans have been obsessed with the characters and their relation to them. We have seen a generous amount of support for the show since the beginning. It has only been a year sin...

It’s official…Staff Infection is coming back!

Staff Infection performs

Micah Gomez, Reporter

March 28, 2019

It’s official! Staff Infection is coming back, and the iSchool community is more ready than ever to see what they have in store! For those of you who don’t know, Staff Infection is a band made up of the iSchool’s very own staff members. They made their debut last year, in 2018, during the Sp...

Music genres of the iSchool

Maxim Van Dorn Victoria Varges, Journalists

March 25, 2019

These are the can’t miss games coming in 2019

From left to right: a PlayStation 4 controller, an Xbox One controller, the Nintendo Switch and a Razer gaming keyboard and mouse

Harrison Reinisch, Copy Editor

March 22, 2019

According to a 2015 survey by the Entertainment Software Association, 42 percent of Americans play video games for at least three hours per week, and four out of five American households own a device used to play video games. (Source 1) Video games have become one of the biggest forms of entertainment...

The media: Perceiving different races

Terrorists, who murdered 50 people is pictured as an “Angelic boy”, while the muslim is called a “manic.”

Victoria Vargas

March 20, 2019

  Social media has impacted our lives dramatically and has shaped the way we look at certain situations and other people. The way we perceive other races has been shaped by how they are portrayed in the media. Since our main source of news and information comes from the media, you can see ...

What do iSchoolers do during break?

break officially starts on the 25 of June

Maxim Van Dorn, Journalist

March 20, 2019

Summer break is enjoyed by most students, mainly because it’s a long break from school and takes place during one of the nicest seasons. There are many different ways to enjoy your vacation during summer break, it all depends on where you go and what you do. There are so many ideas people have during s...

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