The iNews clubs’ favorite Wordle spinoffs


“Did you get the Wordle?”

It’s a sentence that many iSchoolers have heard over the past few months. The concept of the game is that every day there is a specific word, and the goal is to guess that word. Every time you get a letter in the right spot the square turns green, and when the letter is in the word, but in the incorrect spot, the box turns yellow.

The goal of the game is to guess the word in less than six tries, and you can only play it once per day. 


There has also been a massive influx of Wordle-inspired games, which have become extremely popular throughout the iSchool. The following is the favorite Wordle-spinoff of every member of the iNews club:

Zach: Quordle


This game is the same as normal Wordle, but you have to guess four words at the same time, with only nine guesses.

“It really trains your brain and is way tougher than normal Wordle, which I like,” Zach said. 


Fitzgerald: Squirdle


Squirtle is the same as Wordle, but you guess based on different generations of Pokémon, along with their type, height, and weight. 

“I really like Pokémon, and it’s a really cool game, plus it isn’t limited to once a day,” Fitzgerald said. 


Sam: Subwaydle


This MTA-inspired game has you guess what trains you have to transfer between to get from one station to another. 


“I’m pretty familiar with the subway system, but sometimes I like to test my knowledge of it,” Sam said. 


Isabel: Factle

This game has players guessing random top-five rankings everyday, including the top five countries by population, or top-five highest paid athletes in the world. 


“I like this game because you get to learn something new, and it has a broad range of unique categories,” Isabel said.


Kiandra: SWordle


The game involves guessing different five letter words from the Star Wars universe, from planets to characters. 


“I really like Star Wars, and this challenges my knowledge of it,” Kiandra said. 


Elias: Globle


This game displays a globe, and has players guess a mystery country. The closer you get, the darker your new guess will be. 


“I enjoy geography, and the visual element of having it on a globe,” Elias said. 


Matthew: Heardle 


Heardle is essentially a musical version of Wordle. You listen to a small snippet of a song, and the snippet gets longer with every incorrect guess. 


“I really like music, and like testing my knowledge of it,” Matthew said.


Adriano: Poeltl


Poeltl is exactly the same as Wordle, but you have to find a specific basketball player. It works similarly to Wordle in the sense that if you guess a position, and the player plays in that position, the box will turn green. I like how it tests your knowledge of not just well known players, but also players you’ve never heard of.  


Harrison: Tradle


In Tradle, you have to guess the mystery country based on its exports. You are given how far the country is from the one you guessed, and also the direction that it is. 


Harrison said, “I always find it interesting to compare the economies of different countries, and adding the geographical guessing element makes the game my favorite.”


Ultimately, the many offshoot games of Wordle are fun, creative, and appeal to a number of different people. Just know: if you ever get tired of playing the Wordle, there are many other offshoots out there to play.