A Modest Proposal

As of 2014 in New York City, there are 5 rats running around the city, for every person. That’s right, there’s a 5:1 ratio of rats to people in the Big Apple. As we’ve come to know, rats and rodents like them are a nuisance. They constantly cause property damage, as they can chew through plastic to get into garbage, and can make a commotion if they get into walls. Not to mention that dealing with them in these enclosed environments costs a pretty penny.
To make the entire city rat proof overnight is impossible. Actions that would have to be taken include replacing plastic garbage cans with metal ones, which would take heavy action if it were to be citywide.
Not only have they messed with the city’s infrastructure and housing, they have also been known to carry disease: Anything from pathogens that cause diarrhea and vomiting, to salmonella, to traces of the bubonic plague.
If this rat problem is to be dealt with, it has to be dealt with in its entirety, in one swift motion. With that in mind, I propose that the government sends in an airtanker to drop rat poison on the city of New York. This will effectively ensure that this rat problem is uprooted at its core, within all five boroughs.

That being said, the rat poison will bring no harm to any other living being in NYC, as the rat poison is titled “rat” poison for a reason – if it could kill anything, it would simply be titled as poison.

To prove this, I looked into a study at Oxford on what the composition of rat poison actually contains. Essentially, it involves rat dna that is reversed to essentially work as a reverse vaccination, or more broadly, an “anti-sereum”. The same ideas apply to dealing with disease through vaccination.
If there should be any other concern that the rat poison would harm everyone, masks would be distributed to the citizens to prevent the rat poison from entering through respiratory openings. These masks will also be military grade, to absolutely purify the rat poison altogether – the expenses towards these costly masks would eventually pay back, for any damages that rats could potentially cause in the future. In addition, separate smaller masks will also be provided for people who may have rats or any rodent as a pet, so that they are not affected by the poison.
Even then, if there were to be any effects that the rat poison would have on people, it would counterbalance anything that rats already carry within them, such as traces of diseases that the rodents are known to carry: Generally speaking, the immune system of a human is much stronger than that of a rat.
Furthermore, The rats will be able to decompose naturally, as the rat poison will also carry microorganisms that will cause the corpses to sprout flowers and trees, opening the city up to cleaner air from the oxygen provided by the trees, and increasing insulation if the corpses decompose within walls. This will also provide much needed greenery to the city.
Despite all of these great reasons to effectively remove rats out of the equation of a city’s upkeep, this very idea which I loosely bring up with my friends in the political field, to no end, they disregard the idea of dealing with rodents entirely. There’s only one reason I can think of as to why. The rats have made their way into the one percent, and are controlling the government.