We’re a bunch of moody teens…

Jenny Lee, Contributor


Having emotions like sadness, happiness, and anxiousness are common, especially for teenagers. I, a teenager knows how it feels when there is a particular event that causes an emotion to occur. Tests for example, can have an impact on teenagers’ emotions as it causes distress towards them. I know various teenagers who express different emotions depending on the day, event, and situation. We live in a society where these emotions have an affect on our day to day actions. Usually, these moods that affect our actions are controlled or recklessly taken care of.

Throughout my four photos, the emotions of teenagers are displayed. Each one expresses a different feeling that teenagers come across. The first photo illustrates an emotion of admiration as I am relaxed on the chair, not worrying about anything that is happening. I am admiring the view in front of me and admiring the fact that there are not any issues. I chose to photograph this because it portrays an emotion that teenagers experience as I am sitting alone, admiring my alone time while other people are behind me, talking. In the second photograph, the subject (who is a teenager) is on her phone waiting for the train. She does not express a visible emotion, although, it is clear that she is calm. The events that led to her being calm was that school had finally ended and being home was her priority. Then, in photograph three, the subject (who again, is a teenager) conveys an emotion not through her facial expression but through her actions. She is curled up in a ball, sitting on a chair on the rooftop. This portrays an emotion of sadness due to the weather that day. It was windy and cold hence her emotion of sadness. Lastly, in photograph four, the emotion of stress and anxiousness is presented. The photograph was taken in the library and it shows me, trying to study for a math test. The material is difficult to understand and because of that, it has led me to feeling stressed. 

The outcome of these photos elicited surprise. I wasn’t sure of the styles and techniques that would be used for these photos. I expected the photos to be more facial expression related but they ended up being how actions can be portrayed as emotions. So looking back at these photos, it came to be a shock to me.  I wanted to showcase how teenagers are affected by certain circumstances and how they show their feelings because of these certain circumstances.