Sneak peek

Araceli Cayetano, Contributor

My personal theme is called a sneak peek. When we go out on our everyday lives and we sometimes don’t notice our surroundings. Therefore we miss out on some beautiful moments of the day. Sneak peek is about a series of pictures that were captured at just the right time with just the right angle. Many of the photos were taken on the weekend adventures that I go on. I love nature so the photos capture a landscape view and just a small part of the whole day. It’s called sneak peek because it’s like the photos captured a specific moment. In a movie, the creators may give you a sneak peek of the movie so the audience can be interested. Sneak peek is showing one moment that was captured out of the whole event. Each photo has its own story. In one of the photos. the memories in the photos are not super important to me but they are fun times I would always want to remember as my experiences.

PHOTO 1 I was walking to school and of course, I took a photo of the sunrise to capture the moment because it looked so colorful. But the overall experience that I had was waking up early and seeing a sunrise. It overall made my day better. My phone didn’t capture all the colores but thanks to some editing the photo was able to get the colors I wanted it to have.
PHOTO 2 I went fishing on a Sunday morning and I was sitting enjoying the view of the trees and ocean. I decided to go on a walk and I passed by some trees on which the sun was shining. The view was amazing and I am sure I would have missed it if I hadn’t paid attention to the little details. As I walked by I stopped and took the photo there was a guy sitting on the rock but later I realized it brought more meaning to the photo. When I witness a wonderful sunset or sunset, oftentimes I take a photo to keep the memory and the feeling. The moment would be gone after a few mins but the photo will stay can remember the significance of that day.
PHOTO 3 In this photo, I went apple picking as a fall season activity it was fun walking around and picking apples and trying all of them my friends and I were trying to rate the apples from worst to best by the color size and taste of the apples. In ower walk, we passed a small lake with a small country farm stable but full of pumpkins and inside it had a bakery. In which they would make bread cookies and more out of the apples its was a fun time. I went outside and took a picture of the outside.
PHOTO 4 As my friends and I were on the rooftop of the school my friend Angely was taking a photo of the buildings through the fence. I walked around her and a specific aspect of the way she was standing captured my attention it was a low angle from through some pipes that were there and I took my phone and zoomed in a bit and took the photo she didn’t notice. It was nice taking a photo that the person wasn’t posing for and the photo just happened. I liked the way it came out but I still edited it to give it some color.