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Kobe #8 or Kobe #24?

Kobe Bryant wears numbers 8 and 24

Lorenzo Posmentier

January 10, 2018

On December 19, 2017, one of most recognized players in NBA retired both of his numbers. He is mostly known as Mamba, his name is Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant who is recognized as a strong player by most in the NBA retired both of his numbers 8 and 24.  When Kobe Bryant was on the Los Angeles Lakers...

Top 15 teams in the NBA

Top 15 teams in the NBA

Devin Morton

January 9, 2018

*All team records and player stats are accurate as of December 18, 2017* The 2017-18 NBA season has been one of the most interesting ones in the last 10 years. Fans didn’t come into this year with the expectation that it would surpass the 2016-17 NBA season. Last season was unlike anything we had...

Giannis for MVP?

Malaki Atwell, Reporter

November 10, 2017

“The Bucks in the NBA Finals? Ha, stop playing man!”, said by a very wise man. I am sorry Milwaukee fans, but you have to admit, your team has been pretty mediocre for a while! But it’s not your fault Milwaukee, you have a new man to take over and will most likely bring you to the promise l...

ISIS threatens world star soccer players Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo

The Russian 2018 World Cup is right around the corner and  all countries around the world are excited to see the action packed tournament. One of the largest terrorist groups in the world: ISIS, has now taken shots at the world cup by threatening some of its many star players like Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.

Gian Paul Cadillo

November 10, 2017

ISIS is known for threatening and attacking people. This time, their threat is aimed toward the World Cup and three of its leading players. The World Cup has always been a tournament in which soccer fans all over the world come together and support each of their countries. Now fear is being brough...

The Giants need rebuilding and not in one way

Jason Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon after a sack on Jared Goff

Lucas Gray

November 10, 2017

The New York Giants walk onto the field. Big names like Odell Beckham Jr, Eli Manning, Janoris Jenkins, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Landon Collins are hyped up and ready to win the division holding the name of the Big Blue Giants. The Giants are, 4-time Super Bowl champions, home of legends Lawrence Taylor,...

NFC East power rankings

The Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, and Redskins.

Edward Sherman, Reporter

November 10, 2017

In the NFC East there are 4 teams: the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and the New York Giants. With the end of the season looming, these teams are battling it out for the NFC East title.   The New York Giants have the worst record in the NFC East. The Giants have a record...

The New York Yankees: A season in review

Aaron Judge jogs onto the field.

Daniel Ottaviano and Lucas Gray

October 31, 2017

The roaring crowd and smell of fresh food signify the eccentric atmosphere of Yankee Stadium. As you settle down and put mustard on your hotdog, you witness the Yankees coming onto the field starting to practice for the game; the bleacher preachers cheer the names of each individual player's name. Let t...

The Champions League Final

The Champions League Final

André Eisenberg, Section Editor

June 12, 2017

Saturday night in Wales will be about as good as it gets with Cardiff's Principality Stadium hosting Juventus and Real Madrid as they fight for the greatest prize in club football: The Champions League Trophy.

No players? You’re out!

No players? You're out!

Brianna Robeck, Reporter

June 2, 2017

As of May 9th, 2017, it has been announced that the Lady Lions Varsity softball team will no longer be playing due to an insufficient number of players. Of the 10 years the NYC iSchool has been open, this is the first time a team has ever dropped out of the season. Of the total games in the season,...

From 12-4 to 4-12: The iSchool/Chelsea Lions varsity baseball team fall from victory

Junior Robert Rodriguez, Captain Christian Wilson, and Coach Joe Munoz at a game.

Philip Borkowski and Derek Rodriguez

May 31, 2017

“Strike Two!” the umpire announces as the hearts of the players race and the crowd cheers on. The smell of hot dogs and pretzels fill the air, and people from different backgrounds come together to support their local team and enjoy the game. Baseball is not just a sport. For some people, it’s a culture ...

Ball is life?

iSchool's March Madness Tournament on March 16, 2017.

Derek Rodriguez and Phillip Borkowski

May 30, 2017

Eight seconds left on the clock, and you can hear the fierce movement of your heart as it pumps rapidly, but you stay silent while those who surround you in the gym are yelling and chanting both positive and negative things. Now, there is 4 seconds left, and you see your rival approaching you down the...

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