Sky gazing

Capturing the beauty of the world around us.


A look at the sky from the 2 train window.

Adjo Adjegan, Reporter

Many of us go on about our day without a much care in the world. We often ignore the beauty of the small things around us and don’t realize how much these things may change throughout the course of the day. One of these things is the sky.

This was captured early in the morning just right before my 4 train arrived.


This was taken around the same time as the picture above, just from a slightly different angle.


Many of us take the train daily and are not aware of the beauty that´s around. Although it was freezing this day, the sky above looked extremely calming. This is 183rd street on the 4 train.


This photo was taken the around the same time as the photo above, right after the departure of a previous train.


This was captured upwards from a fire escape. The clouds slightly resemble cotton candy.


On a walk home from school the sky was changing color, and I quickly captured it on my phone.


This was taken midday, from my eye level.


This was taken on a roof, the shade of pink added a nice effect to the view.


This was taken in the same setting as the previous photo just from a different angle.


This was taken midday on a roof in the Bronx.


I captured a picture of my bother as he captured a picture of me. Overall the sky added a nice effect.


Similar to the previous photos this was also captured on a roof.


This photo was taken towards the end of the day.


The colors start to slightly fade as we reach the end of the day.


The buildings and houses look like silhouettes as it begins to get dark.