Cancun, Mexico

Genesis Osorio, Reporter

Cancun, Mexico, is an ancient yet beautiful area. Mexico has had a lot of history and every year it gets more and more popular. The following showcases some of many beautiful sights in Cancun, Mexico.

The beautiful sunset that lies above Cancun, Mexico’s water
Outside the plane window onto the lands of Mexico.
Cancun’s famous bridge surrounded by colorful houses and palm trees.
Crisleydi Jimenez sits for her shoot on a bright sunny day at the beach.
Chichén Itzá is an important landmark in Mexico that’s been around for years as visitors take pictures.
On the late afternoon, the shiny sea green ocean glitters.
Another photo of the blue ocean and palm trees as the beaming sun shines on people.
The still ocean view that truly makes Cancun, Mexico.
Crisleydi emerging out of the water as the sun starts to set in the background.
With the beautiful sunset in the background, Crisleydi and her aunts pose for the picture.
Upon the many adventures, you can take in Mexico, these rocks were above the scuba diving activity.
In Mexico, the ocean water shines bright with the reflection of the sun shining.
Out of the many activities in Mexico, Crisleydi takes on jet skiing on the hot summer day.
The view of the balcony as the sun glitters and shines on the pool during the morning.
The different shades of blue over in the ocean shining brightly due to a lot of sun reflection.